Sample Letter


to be reviewed, signed, and returned.

To:                        Students, Parents and/or Guardians

From:                  John P. Aubin, Assistant Superintendent for Business

Subject:               School Bus Transportation

Date:                  August 2011

The responsibilities for riders of school buses in SAU 70 and the procedures for handling discipline issues on school buses are in the Ray School Handbook.  The Dresden, Hanover, and Norwich School Boards have officially endorsed this document.

These rules have been in existence and a part of the contracts with our bus contractors for some time, and are distributed annually to all students.  We hope that parents and guardians will discuss these guidelines with their child(ren).

We believe it is important for parents and the school district to work together in promoting a safe pupil transportation system in which high standards of safety and decorum are maintained.  Please give us your support by taking the time to read (the guidelines in the Ray School Handbook) and understand the outlined responsibilities with your child(ren).  Please sign the form at the bottom of this page and return to your student’s school to acknowledge that you and your child(ren) have talked about this subject and understand the outlined expectations.

In regard to discipline, the respective school principal may make a judgment, in accordance with the seriousness of the offense, as to the consequences, which might include, but are not limited to, assigning seats, temporary suspension from the bus, or permanent suspension from the bus.

An additional document, which outlines administrative guidelines and driver responsibilities, is also attached to this letter (for Ray School Parents, it is in the Student Handbook) for your information.

Questions from parents that deal with day-to-day issues concerning discipline, behavior, and unusual daily circumstances (late or early bus, missed stop, etc.) should be referred to the appropriate school principal:

Bernice A. Ray School                    Matthew Laramie        (603) 643-6655

Marion Cross School                      Linda Kelley                   (802) 649-1703

Frances C. Richmond School      Jim Nourse                     (603) 643-6040

Hanover High School                   Deb Gillespie                  (603) 643-3431

If a question deals with the bus contractor–equipment, driver qualifications or behavior, ongoing issues related to routes, schedules, or stops–it should be referred to John P. Aubin, Assistant Superintendent for Business, (603) 643-6050).  In all cases, the superintendent, and then the school board, can be involved if the questions are not resolved.

We have read the School Bus Rider Responsibilities and the School Bus Discipline Procedures, and we agree to abide by them.

Student’s Name (Please Print)

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